Oak Hill Academy School Uniforms

Monmouth County Private school

Dress code for K – 8 students

The purpose of these requirements is to help ensure a neat appearance and to avoid extremes.  These rules apply to times when the student represents the school as well as during the school day.  Students must also stay within the dress code for after school activities or while on school grounds after dismissal.  Children must arrive at school wearing the proper attire.  Outer jackets are to be removed upon arrival.  Shirt tails are always to be completely tucked in.  Hats, shorts, clothing with inappropriate sayings, clothing that is ripped, sandals, pajamas, slippers, flip flops, and tank tops are not permitted during the school day or during “dress down days.”  Professional “team jerseys” are permitted during “dress down days” as long as a t-shirt is worn underneath the sleeveless jersey.  On a “dress down day,” slacks must be no higher than 5” above the ankle bone.  On Dress Down days, skirts still should be of regulation length and blouses/shirts should be able to be tucked in at the waist.  Short midriff and low cut blouses/shirts are not appropriate for school.  Any student who receives a demerit on a dress down day for inappropriate attire will lose their next dress down day privilege.  Students may enjoy  a  dress down day for their birthday but must adhere to the dress down requirement previously listed.  Students with a summer birthday will be given a day to dress down in September.

     During designated times of the year, all students are required to wear a school sweater which must be purchased from our uniform company (Flynn O’Hara).  Student names should be printed on the inside name plate.  The school name on the sweater must not be colored in.  It must be properly maintained and not ripped.  If done so, the sweater must be replaced.

     Extremes in hairstyles, length, and color of hair are at the discretion of the Headmaster.  Hair on boys must be neatly trimmed and combed, avoiding excessive length along the neck, sides, and across the forehead.  Hair length must not touch the collar of a buttoned dress shirt.  Students in violation of this policy will have 24 hours to comply.  This is necessary to avoid distraction.  Students are not permitted to color their hair for athletic events or school-sponsored activities, with the exception being Halloween.  Also, inappropriate body piercings (including, but not limited to, eyebrows, nose, tongue, boys’ ears) and tattoos are not allowed.  Scarves and ties (for girls) are not permitted, either.

     If there is a reason for a deviation of the dress code on a particular day, a parental note explaining the situation must be brought in that day.  Any inappropriate dress will be reviewed and addressed by the Headmaster.

     The judgment of the Headmaster is final in interpretations of the dress code.  Dress code violations will be followed by the issuance of demerits and possible detention.

Please note that pre-kindergarteners wear a similar uniform set forth by the Pre-K Director.

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