Ms. Lewent

Ms. Lewent


7th Grade:

Week in review - May 22nd - May 26th:

  • Continue work on adjective/noun agreement; worksheets on adj/noun agreement
  • Complete p. 122 Exercise 16 B, 16 C & 16 D
  • Read and complete p. 123 "Word Study IV" p. 123 Exercises 1
  • Handout and begin work/review of Final Exam review packet
  • Review gods/goddesses in preparation for Final exam
  • Thursday 5/25: Quiz on adjective/noun agreement                      
  • Wednesday 5/24: 10 Classical Influences due + 1 for display
  • NB - 7th graders will miss Latin on Friday 5/26 due to field day activities

7th Grade Website Help (Quia Activities and Quizzes) <click here>


8th Grade:

Week in review - May 22nd - May 26th:  

  • Chapter 27: add vocabulary p. 116 to binders and begin translating "A Visit to the Races" p. 115-118 lines 1-45
  • Add vocabulary p. 115, 116, 117 into binders
  • Review Punic Wars, significance and details
  • Handout and begin work/review of Final Exam review packet
  • Wednesday 5/24: Quiz on demonstrative pronouns and adjective declension of ille, illa, illud
  • Wednesday 5/24: 10 Classical Influences due + 1 for display
  • NB - 8th graders will miss Latin on Thursday 5/26 and Friday 5/27 due to class trip and field day, respectively

8th Grade Website Help (Quia Activities and Quizzes) <click here>

On-line Text Books


NJ Private School                   Ecce Romani 2

                              7th Grade 8th Grade

Click on picture to access online textbook.



Helpful Links:


Quizzes on Vocab/Grammer-from Quia- This link takes you to Ecce Romani, Ch 1 vocabulary games. You can find activities for other chapters by using the SEARCH. You need Java to play.

Vocab Games: A website with 1 or 2 games per chapter.

Quizlet Games: Click on the tiles at the top to play games, use flashcards, etc.

More Games- Games and Quizzes on vocabulary and grammar. Listed by chapter.

Open University Interactive Latin- Quizzes on LATIN ENDINGS (includes nouns, verbs, and adjectives) 

First Experience Latin with Fr. Reginald Foster- short, simple grammar lessons from the Pope's Latinist. Not-interactive but has good descriptions.

Reliable Online Dictionaries:

William Whitaker's Words- English to Latin and Latin to English (N.B. The result opens into a second window.)

Perseus Project- Latin to English- make sure you change the language to LATIN!


Declension Song- covers the first 3 declensions

Declension and Tense Song- all 5 declensions plus a short verb song 

 Declensions- all 5; set to songs you already know 


National Latin Exam- Provides old tests, syllabi, etc.

N.B. 7th Grades take the "Introduction to Latin" test; 8th Graders take the "Latin I" test.

Nuntii Latini- weekly five minute news cast entirely in Latin. Transcripts provided.

Vox Romani- free spoken Latin and English podcast. SLOW LATIN. News, Roman culture/history/etc.

Ephemeris- News in written Latin 

Latin Phrasebook